Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Singing the First Post Blues

The text below is now optional reading, or what many of my professors at MSU like to call "enrichment." This could also be plainly explained as "the reading no one will ever do." My ever-so-blog-friendly sister Rachel (shameless plug) suggested I restrain myself from anything too deep or long-winded for my first post. Unfortunately, she was 4 minutes too late. Therefore, I am singing the first post blues & leave the following reading as discretionary.

Cliches become cliche for a reason. As a phrase becomes trite, it should also gain legitimacy. Although it may not always be true, its repetition must mean that more than a slight truth lies within said phrase. Speaking of which, the title of my blog is a play-on-words of an old saying or cliche I've grown up with: "To each his own." While this normally expresses that everyone is different and has their own opinion, I plan to write in order to share just that - my personal outlook, the way I see teaching & preferences I develop from the experiences I encounter throughout school & my professional career.

In order to spice things up, I slightly amended the wording. With a swift addition of a "t" & the capitalization of an "h," I present to you the gist of my passion for life. I am downright pumped to teach & love on the children of God's world. Yes, Jesus does love the little children of the world. & my hope is that I can shine the light of Him in me into the darkest corners of schools across the United States (& one day, the world).

From what I've gathered with my elementary school visits & observations thus far, in those dark corners hide forgotten or unmotivated children. Most often times, those children are our children who have special needs or learning disabilities. I cannot wait to grab them & pull them out into the world with everyone else - where they belong! Exciting!]

& now, if you lasted through all of that... besides giving yourself a round of applause, pat on the back, all that good stuff... treat your ears a special tune from one of my favorite blues singers. & no, she's not singing about the battle of writing ones first blog post. Possibly because the song is from 1927. I cannot help that I love old things like sayings & blues.

Enrichment #2: If you enjoy this, check out Fiona Apple's equally as lovely cover.

'Til next time!

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  1. Dear Meredith,
    I hate you because you did not tell me you had a blog. And by I hate you, I clearly mean I love you.

    Your older, wiser, and fatter sister.